• Construction, extension, renovation

    - You have a land and need to start your project from scratch. 

    - You want to extend or modify a part of your property.

    - Your property needs a freshening, a partial or complete renovation.

    The best options will be discussed at each stage considering your wishes with our team of building designers and engineers.

    Optimisation for sale/rent

    - You plan to sell or rent a property but you want to increase its value beforehand.

    - You want to increase the profitability of a property.

    There are different stages of work that can be considered from the complete renovation to the little intervention.

    Support for a real estate purchase

    A professional gives you the benefit of his advices and an outside perspective to determine if the property (house, apartment...) you wish to buy has a real potential. 

    Since 2002, Laurent Sichere, interior architect and designer has been advising on the possibilities of fitting out your future home.

    Interior Design / Project management / Team of building designers and engineers